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Cuisines of Madhya Pradesh


Famous Delicacies
Kebabs, Paneer Parathas, Dahi Bhallas
Types of Cuisines
Malwa Mixed with Gujrati and Rajasthani
Where to Go: Bhopal, Indore

Famous Thali of Madhya Pradesh

M.P Speciality Poha (Rice Flakes Cooked with Spices), Roghan Josh (Lamb Curry), Saboodana ( Pearl Sago) Khichdi.
Non Veg Dishes Rogan Josh, Korma, Seekh Kebab, Achari Gosht and Shami kebab.
Veg Dishes 'Bhutte ki Kheers' that is made of corn and milk and Chakki ki Shaak made from heated dough that is steamed and is used with curd.
Must Carry Home Varied Varieties of Pickles and Mouth Refreshers.
Most Famous Drink Local Liquor Distilled from Flowers of the Mahua Tree Called Sulfi and Date Palm Toddy.
Tourist Delight Condensed Hot Almond Milk, Lassi (buttermilk), Shikanji (Spiced Cold Drinks) and Sugarcane Juice.
Not To Be Missed The famous Bhopali Paan of Bhopal, Mildly Intoxicating and a good Digestive.
Crunchy Delights Chhola Burger, Chaat and Panipuri (spiced nibbles), Tikkis (Potato Patties), Garoda Chat, Sabudana Khichdi.
Sweet Dishes Mawa-bati', 'Shreekhand', 'Khoprapak' and 'Malpua'. Kulfi ( Pistachio flavored ice cream), Gulab Jamuns, Jalebis ( Orange Colored Squiggles Dipped in Sugar Syrup).
Must Try Badam Milk (Almond Milk).
Where to Eat Bhopal – Hotel Lake Princess (M P Nagar), Angathi Restaurant (Shaml Rd), Amarpali Restaurant (New Market), Fantast Restaurant (New Market).
Indore – Mathurwala, Lakshminarayan Doodhwala, Vijay Chaat, Young Tarang, Jhonny Hot Dog.
Gwalior – Indian Coffee House , Kwality Restaurant, Banjara Volga Restaurant.
Inside Tip Evening Time is the Best to Taste the culinary Delights of the State, as This time the Whole City comes to Life.

Have An Appetite for Madhya Pradesh Cuisine

The cuisine of Madhya Pradesh is as varied as its people, history and its culture. You must travel to India's heart to savor the culinary delights of the state. Though modernity can never be able to intervene into the traditional methods of cooking, the authenticity has been very well maintained. The people of Madhya Pradesh still are very much live with the much acclaimed Indian way of treating guests. 'Atithi Devo Bhava' are the words that can equate a person with God. Though centuries have passed but this old age tradition is still very much migratory in the cultural minds of the people. You should come to experience the hospitality that the citizenry of this state has to offer. You will be flabbergasted with their approach towards you.

Inflections on the Cuisine

As retroflexed by the history of the state that has witnessed assorted cultures and on top of that has absorbed most of them, they had an aftermath on the food of the people. The cuisine of the state is contemplative of the Rajasthani and Gujarati influence. Due to its extensiveness in terms of area, Madhya Pradesh cuisine differs from the northern Madhya Pradesh than the southern part. In fact people from all over the country settled in Madhya Pradesh are also an important contribution to the multi diversity in cuisine. The traditional Malwa food has terminated the goodness of palatableness and kernel of Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisine. Jowar which was the staple food has now been overshadowed by the use of wheat. As the land is dry and unproductive for most of the years therefore, pulses regimented the use of vegetables. You must savor the cuisine of Madhya Pradesh to mark the positive difference that has other cuisines concerned.

Multi Diverse Cuisine to Gusto your Senses

Come to relish the flavour of Madhya Pradesh, irrespective of the fact whether you are vegetarian or non vegetarian or both of them. Madhya Pradesh offers equal pleasure for all its visitors. There is something for everybody. Food that are unique in taste and authentic. You can differentiate the Madhya Pradesh cuisine from the others due to the free use of spices, oil and seasonings. The most popular products are made from wheat among which the most cherished is the Bafla (wheat cakes) dunked in rich ghee which are eaten with daal (a pungent lentil broth). Looking for some vegetarian dishes then pander on 'Bhutte ki kheers' that is made of corn and milk. Chakki ki shaak is one among the popular ambrosia of Madhya Pradesh. This dish is made up of wheat dough that is steamed and is used with curd.

Now for all those who love to thrive on non vegetarian there is a variety of options of meat and fish. The most popular are the spicy rogan josh that will make you crouch down for more, other delicacies are korma, seekh kebab and shami kebab. These are an integral part of the grand feast called life. These sharp tongue-tingling sharp cuisine are mellowed down by the extremely sweet and luscious desserts of the state. Madhya Pradesh has created a niche for itself in the variety of after dinner. You must try the 'mawa-bati', 'shreekhand', 'khoprapak' and 'malpua', to name a few. Kusli, the cashew-based barfi and jalebi also form an important item on the dessert list. The drinks that you must try are lassi (buttermilk) and sugarcane juice that fall under the category of traditional and mild drinks. Looking for some hard core liquor, try the local liquor which is distilled from the flowers of the mahua tree called sulfi and date palm toddy.