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Pranpur is renowned for its most exquisite product, the gossamer thin Chanderi saree, that has been woven here for centuries. The greater part of the village population is part of the weaver community and work at producing the Chanderi fabric. Chanderi is also known for its traditional motifs and fragile pastel colours, and has a sophistication that is hard to match. Apart from weaving, traditional crafts such as bamboo weaving, stone cutting and pottery are also practiced here. The village is situated at a distance of 110 km from Jhansi, 35 km from Lalitpur and 3 km from Chanderi. It actually lies on an upland profile, southwest of the Betwa river. Surrounded by hills, lakes and forests, Pranpur boasts of many monuments of the Bundela Rajputs and Malwa Sultans. Chanderi also finds mention in the famous epic, Mahabharata. The strategic location of Pranpur on the borders of Malwa and Bundelkhand gives it the sobriquet of the Gateway tof Bundelkhand. As far back as the 11th century, Chanderi was a focal position on the trade routes of central India

Pranpur, a village of natural features, the celestial glory innatural objects - the meadows, the groves, the streams, the echoing craigs, the steep rocks, the dense forests, the waterfalls, the roaring winds, the unfettered clouds and the deep calm blue sky - welcomes all the visitors through-out the year. Pranpur is a gift for true lovers of nature & life. A great experience of rustic life can be enjoyed by you. It presents a glimpse into the every day life of weavers, potters, braisers, metal casters, shepherds, vendors, peasants, dyers, fishermen and so on, replete with their elemental joy and aspirations. Pranpur is one of the few villages of the world, that have the mingling of enthusiastic artforms, flourishing culture and true romance of life. It is endowed with all the wealth, beauty and art of rustic life. The local inhabitants of Pranpur lead a life of indigenous culture, where art has developed into professions, and a path to earn a livelihood.There are plenty of tourist attractions around the region in the form of cultural and monumental heritage amidst all the natural beauty of Vindhyachal. The village is also endowed with large water reservoirs, lakes etc., where one can take a swim, enjoy a boat ride, or engage in water sports. Trekking enthusiasts can also enjoy the adventurous terrain offered by the heavily forested locales of Pranpur

Art & Craft Chanderi Sari: A faithful record of weavers devoted towards their occupation raise the quality and standard of silk shining around the world. The very vital approach of Chanderi sari develops an innate pride in wearing the fine texture of this original experience of handloom craft. Chanderi silk is all about the glorification and celebration of dreams, blooming in rich colours all over the five meters piece of cloth. It is amazing to see how the simplistic weavers of the village impart such a royal glow to silk. Over the years, Chanderi sarees have undergone many changes. The handspun yarn, which gave the fabric its gossamer quality, has been replaced by imported silk in the warp and by mill-made cotton thread or unboiled silk in the weft. Pottery: An austre purity of clay made by the local potter to satisfy the thirst of local inhabitarts - Pottery is sheer magic of clay and soil. The attractive shape of pots, pitchers, surahies, tavas and kulhads for lassi are formed by devoted hands. The earthen wares of vessels are sold by potters each Saturday, the special market day (Haat ka din). Metal Casting: More than 10 families are busy making the finest pieces of heavy ornaments. These ornaments are very much popular among tribal classes. All through history we find that Rajput kings and families took a deep interest in heavy ornaments. At Pranpur, all types of heavy ornaments are cast by the local artists. Their business is spread across Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Malwa and Bundelkhand area of M.P

Local Culture Pranpur has been a major center for Jain, Hindu and Muslim cultures. The village is a part of Bundelkhand. Hence, it is replete with Bundelkhandi culture and traditional wealth. Bundelkhand has a very ancient culture, traditional craft, folk songs and dance. Traditional Bundeli Vyanjan cuisine is also enjoyable. Traditional and local festivals are celebrated across the year at Pranpur. A unique quality of local inhabitants is their secular lifestyle. The folk life of Pranpur deals with a glorious and incredible embodiment of a composite culture

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