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Tourism is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. It is a booming industry that boosts the economies of several countries while creating jobs, increasing revenue, and creating a necessary cultural exchange between foreigners and citizens. But what does all this have to do with interpretation? The answer is everything. Interpreting and the tourism industry have a lot more in common than you might think.

A Tour Guide or a Tourist Guide is a person who provides assistance, and information on cultural, historical and contemporary heritage to Tourists in an organized sightseeing and individual clients at educational establishments, religious and historical sites such as; museums, Historical Monuments and at various venues of tourist attractions.

Tourism interpretation is a key technique to aiding tourists in obtaining the authentic qualities of historic locations. Therefore its success in conveying natural and cultural values becomes significant.

The Importance of Tourism Interpretation - Interpreters, Guides and Tourists

These tour guides are responsible for Tourist’s experiences in India and how they perceives Indian culture and norms. So they play major roles in the experience and can have a huge impact on the holistic experience.

Interpretation plays a vital role in this scenario. The tour guides are responsible for relaying factual information to Tourists and their group and turning it into something more meaningful.

The guide’s interpretation can drastically enhance a tourist’s experience. Not only can it create more entertainment for them but it can also fulfill their curiosity, create new meaning and provoke thoughts.

How Interpreters Help Tourism Development

The use of interpreters is critical in order to avoid communication breakdowns. The interpreter is a vital connection between the communication parties. He or she allows both sides to express themselves fully in their native language. What better way to experience travel than to have an interpreter to fully immerse you in the culture of the country you are visiting.

Interpreters give tourists a sense of belonging and a deeper understanding of the local economy. They are aware of what is going on in their surroundings. This piques tourist's interest in staying longer and even returning in the future. These experiences allow tourists to develop a greater appreciation for the location, people and culture. The more appreciation they develop for the environment the more comfortable they become.

Interpretation also enables us to successfully deliver messages. This encourages visitors to behave responsibly and assists us in protecting our unique values. The goal of interpretation in tourism is to ‘get the narrative right,’ so that the proper themes are presented while minimizing misunderstanding, falsification, and presumption.


Interpreters also provide information that encourages safety so visitors know when and how to manage certain difficulties. It is also vital they interpret various signs in areas tourists frequent for example; ‘shark-infested waters.

Tourism Management Tool for Sustainable Tourism Development

We already gathered that interpretation can help to improve the overall quality of tourist encounters. However, its mission is far more important than merely disseminating knowledge. It can be used for tourism management, particularly in circumstances of negative behavior.

Several tourists are unfamiliar with proper etiquette yet want to do the right thing. So interpretation is perfect for such situations.

Tour Guides must commit to:

  • Provide a professional service to visitors – ensuring they are treated with respect, and care and a commitment to best practice guiding.
  • Providing objective and fair interpretations of the places visited.
  • Educate visitors on the need to be respectful of our precious natural, cultural and heritage environments, minimizing our footprint and always impacts.
  • Act in such a way as to bring credit to the country and the promotion of it as a tourist destination.
  • Regularly update their guiding skills and knowledge through training, professional development and networking activities.
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