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Excursions in Maheshwar


This town is situated on the banks of river Narmada, at a distance of about 5 km from Maheshwar. The town was founded by Mandana Mishra, and has a stone fort constructed by Mohammedan rulers. It also has a fine flight of 123 steps leading down to the river and expanding below into a wide ghat. Tukoji Rao Holkar II built a palace here. It was also the headquarters of the Nimar Agency and Cantonment under the British from 1819 to 1864. The town is an important retail marketing and trade centre.

Mandleshwar Madhya Pradesh


18 km from Khargone, Oon was a flourishing place 1000 years ago. About a dozen temples, both Hindu and Jain lie clustering here and represent an architecture patronised by the Parmara kings of Malwa. The carvings on the temples are quite similar to those in Khajuraho. An important place for Jain pilgrimage.

Oon temples Mandleshwar Madhya Pradesh


10 km from Barwani, tehsil headquarters of Khargone distt., the Bawangaja temples are 170 km from Indore. The 72ft high Jain statue here has been hewn in the rock. It belongs to the early 15th century. Bawangaja is an important Jain pilgrim centre.

Bawangaja Mandleshwar Madhya Pradesh