Shambhu Dhara Waterfall of MP

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Shambhu Dhara Waterfall

The ShambhuDhara Waterfalls are located in the Anuppur district of the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The water of these falls meets the BaratiNala, 9 kilometers from the famous pilgrimage of Amarkantak. The falls can be spotted amidst the adjoining forests of Amarkantak. ShambhuDhara Falls are not very tall; the height of this cascade is only 35 meters. The origin of the falls is from the place called ShambhuDhara, giving the cascade the name ShambhuDhara Waterfalls. However, this cascade is seasonal in nature and does not flow throughout the year. It is a small trek to reach the falls for the adventure enthusiasts.

Shambhu Dhara Waterfall Anuppur

Jabalpur airport is the closest to the ShambhuDhara Falls, at a distance of 246 kilometers. The hotels in Madhya Pradesh available for accommodation are Hotel Chandela, Radisson Blue, UshaBundela, Apna Palace, Sarovar Portico, Fortune Landmark, Ginger, Amrit Residency, Balwas International and Mangalcity. The places of interest in Anuppur, apart from the ShambhuDhara waterfalls are DurgaDhara Falls, KapilDhara Falls, NarmadaMandir, Mai kiBagiya, Bhrigumandal, JwaleshwarMahadev, Sarvodaya Jain Temple and Ganesh Temple. Some of the famous places are explained in detail below:

There is plenty of opportunity for the nature lovers and adventure seekers, who can take up rock climbing, swimming in the water pool beneath the falls and bird watching near the ShambhuDhara Falls and the adjoining forest. However, diving is not permitted at the falls, due to the shallowness of the pool and sharp rocks bedded beneath them. Wildlife sighting is also common in the lush greenery surrounding the falls. The months of June to August i.e. the monsoon months are the only time when one can witness the ShambhuDhara Falls. The nearest railway station to the falls is Anuppur, at a distance of 17 kilometers.