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Shivpuri is steeped in the royal legacy of its past, when it was the summer capital of the Scindhia rulers of Gwalior. And earlier, its dense forests were the hunting grounds of the Mughals emperor when great herds of elephants were captured by Emperor Akbar. Much later, it was the Tiger that roamed the wooded hills and many a magnificent beast was 'bagged' by royal Shikaris. Today Shivpuri is a sanctuary for rare wildlife and fauna. Its royal past has thus been transformed into a vibrant, hopeful present. Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh was earlier known to be the capital of Scindhia clan of Gwalior in the summer. Also filled with thick forests, this place was once filled with diverse flora and fauna. Tour My Madhya Pradesh receives a natural splendor with the tour to Shivpuri. You will find a sanctuary for wildlife and fauna in Shivpuri.