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With the development of rail, road and air transport in the state of Madhya Pradesh, reaching Bhopal has become more convenient for the traveler. The well-developed infrastructure of the state supports easy accessibility to and from the capital city of Bhopal. The government of the state has made continuous efforts to improve and promote the growth of the infrastructure in the city, reassuring easy and comfortable transportation to Bhopal from the major cities of the country. Reaching Bhopal by air has been made easy by the Indian Airlines that has regular flights to Bhopal from the cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Indore. The airlines also provide flights to the city of Gwalior four times in the week. The airport of Bhopal is situated at a distance of 12 kilometers from the Old City.

The rail tracts from Delhi to Chennai are laid through the city of Bhopal making the railway station of the city an important terminus. Rail tracts from Ujjain, Agra, Gwalior, Mumbai and Jhansi connect the city of Bhopal by rail. Some of the tourist places in the state of Madhya Pradesh can be reached by roadways from the city of Bhopal. The popular tourist spot of Sanchi lies at a distance of two and a half hour from the city of Bhopal by road. Lying at a distance of 186 kilometers, the city of Indore can be reached in 6 hours from Bhopal by road. Reaching Bhopal has been made easy by the buses and private cars that ply from the cities of Khajuraho, Jabalpur, Ujjain and Panchmari.

By Air

Tourists can reach Bhopal by air availing the various flights that frequently fly to the city from various cities of India. Bhopal is the capital city of the state of Madhya Pradesh. Reaching Bhopal has become an easy affair owing to the flights provided by the various airlines of the regions. All these flight arrangements make the travel very easy and comforting for the tourists.

The Indian Airlines was the first to promote air traffic in the city of Bhopal. The airlines provide regular flights from the city to the cities of Delhi, Indore and Mumbai. Regular flights arrive and depart from Bhopal to the city of Mumbai. Flights to Delhi and Indore fly at regular intervals during the week from Bhopal. Some flights are provided by the Indian Airlines to travel to the city of Gwalior.

Low cost and affordable flights are offered by the Air Deccan airlines from Bhopal city. The airlines have scheduled flights arriving at Bhopal and departing from the city to Delhi and Jabalpur. The airlines provide only economy class travel on board and do not serve free food to maintain the cost of traveling at a low level.

Jet Airways is another airline that provides services in Bhopal connecting the city to Delhi, Mumbai and Indore. TThe tickets for the airlines can be booked through the Internet or bought from the office counters placed in the various corners of the city. The presence of the airlines has facilitated the traveler by connecting the major cities of India to Bhopal by air. The airlines ensure that the travel to the city of Bhopal is comfortable and leisurely for the traveler and less time consuming.

By Rail

Traveling to the city of Bhopal by rail is economical and at the same time comfortable too. The city falls under the Central zone of the Indian Railways that routes its trains from the major cities of Delhi and Mumabi to the city of Bhopal. Reaching Bhopal has become easy owing to the presence of the frequent trains that run through the city of Bhopal.

With its headquarters at Jabalpur, the West Central Railway Zone serves the station of Bhopal city. Along with passenger trains, the West Central Railway Zone of the Indian Railways has scheduled freight trains that cater to the Bhopal division transporting the various freight goods to and from the city.

The railway station in the city of Bhopal is situated on the Himadia Road in Bhopal. The station is one of the chief terminals of the Delhi-Mumbai railway route. The Shatabdi Express connects the city to the capital city of Delhi. Several other express trains ply on the rail route from Bhopal to the cities of Mumbai, Gwalior, Jhansi, Agra, Ujjain and Sanchi. Some of the other passenger trains connect Bhopal to the cities of Kolkata, Lucknow, Jabalpur, Chennai, Trivandrum and Visisha. The tickets for the trains are available in the ticket counter situated in the railway station itself. The railways transport more passengers to and from the city of Bhopal. While the airlines are confined to certain developed regions of the state, the railways have been successful in penetrating to the deeper corners of the state of Madhya Pradesh. The city of Bhopal is connected by railroads to the various centers of the state and to the different parts of the country. The railways have triumphed in enabling the accessibility to Bhopal by rail easy and less tedious.

By Road

The department of tourism in the state of Madhya Pradesh encourages and promotes the travel to the city of Bhopal by road. The well-developed infrastructure of the city supports the road transport between Bhopal and various other major cities in the state. The intra city transport in the city is also through the buses, auto rickshaws, taxis and private cars that travel in Bhopal.

The government of Madhya Pradesh has provided the tourists with long distance deluxe buses that travel to the city of Bhopal. Some of the long distance buses are furnished with air condition facilities. Regular buses travel from Bhopal to the city of Indore. While the regular non air-conditioned bus travels for six hours to the city of Indore, the express bus speeds the journey to five hours. Other buses travel from Bhopal to Sanchi, Ujjain, Vidisha and Jabalpur. The bus route from Bhopal to Jabalpur continues for 11 hours.

The bus services are provided to the people of Bhopal even throughout the night. The bus travels between Bhopal and Khajuraho starts at 7.30 P.M and traveling for 12 hours in the night. The bus halts at various stops for the convenience of the traveler. Tickets are available for the buses at the ticket counters in the bus terminus. The reservation of the tickets is done through the computer. Although the travel by rail and air ensures a comforting journey, traveling in Bhopal by road is a low cost affair and can be afforded by most of the citizens. Reaching Bhopal is made easy by the presence of road transport in Bhopal.

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