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Place of Interests Tikamgarh

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Place of Interests Tikamgarh

The Garh Kundar Fort

The Garh Kundar fort is situated on a high hill, surrounded by picturesque hills and forests. Besides the main fort the object of various ancient structures can be seen here. These isolated remains seem to quietly narrate the tale of their splendid past. There is an ancient decaying temple of Gajanan Maa (an epithet of Goddess Durga, considered to be ‘Kula Devi’ by Khangars), built by Maharaja Khet Singh Khangar. There is also a temple of ‘Giddha Vahini’ Devi situated here.

Garh Kudar

It is one of the famous village of Niwari tehsil situated at a distance of 22 Km. on the Niwari-Senderi road. Buses are available to reach this place. Its importance lies in its having been the first place seized by the Bundelas from the Khangars. Kundar remained the capital of the State until 1539 when it was shifted to Orchha. On the top of a small hill stands a fort built by Maharaja Birsingh Dev. The temple of local Goddess Maha Maya Gridh Vasni stands here. There is a large tank held on the temple Goddess, which is called Singh Sagar. A weekly market held on every Monday.